Touched By A Photo

joe e. daddario

Although mostly recognized for his musical talents, joe e. daddario (Joey) has been photographing some of the most spectacular landscapes and intimate points of interest for many years.

As a student of the University of Maryland, he minored in graphic arts as an adjunct to his degree in education. Joey moved from Maryland in 1983 to settle in beautiful Orange County, California where he resides near a wildlife preserve respite in the town of Newport Beach.

It was a natural step to begin pointing the camera at the beautiful sunsets, foggy mornings, and peaceful river trails that comprise his surroundings. Mexico was easily within reach as well. This accounts for photos in the great city of Cancun. Where ever Joey visits, his camera comes with him. You'll see photos of Nashville on this site, for instance.

A trained eye is a great skill to have when it comes to photography, but what makes a photographer stand out is what comes naturally - point of view, attitude, passion, and curiosity are but just some of the intangibles that Joey possesses. When he point the lens, he sees art-not images.

It is Joey's wish that some of his photos touch you in some heartfelt way. He hopes you'll say, "ooh, ahh " when you view his breathtaking artistry.







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